Bio: I'm just your average, single, 40-something girl who works all day and comes home to her 3-year old labradoodle (Zelda) at night. Recently someone called me a "pessimist,” but I took the highly clinical PlayBuzz “Are You An Optimist, A Pessimist Or A Realist?” test on Facebook… I’m actually a “REALIST.” My undisputed test results: "You are a true realist! You don’t really believe in positive or negative thinking, you believe in the truth and the now. You always see the practical side of things, always weighing your options and foreseeing the most probable outcome. You are very calculated, smart, and you don’t make rush decisions. You just see things for what they are, without all the crap, which makes you a great person to get life advice from. Now you can help all those optimists and pessimists see the world for what it really is." That's pretty much me... I promise that you'll never have to wonder where you stand with me.

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