Looking forward…

It’s Wednesday and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since Monday at 5:00 p.m.  I’d really love to tell you that I was going to plant my butt on a beach and just listen to the waves crash to shore.  However, this is my weekend forecast:

Featured image

But I don’t care!  If you’ve been reading then you know that I’ve been moping around for 2 weeks and now it’s time to (Cher slaps Nicholas Cage across the face), “SNAP OUT OF IT!”  I’m going to bundle up and dance in the snow.  Maybe I’ll even make a snow angel or two.


1) Clean the house – That’s the first chore to get back-burnered when I’m down and MAN can you tell, especially since there is snow/salt residue all over my floors.  So I’ll clean them just in time for the dog to come in and mess them up again.  😉

2) Grocery store – This is my FAVORITE chore.  No, really.  I look forward to going to the grocery store EVERY WEEK!  If I could make a living out of grocery shopping for people, I’d be doing what I love.  And do NOT forget to buy wine – Having dinner with some good friends from MIDDLE SCHOOL (OMG… I’ve known these people for 30 years).

3) Laundry – Aaaand that’s my LEAST favorite chore.  I think I’d rather scrub toilets… ALL DAY.  My disdain for laundry could be an entire blog post so I’ll save this for later.

4) Move snow – As  you can see, I’m likely to be doing this more than once this weekend.  But, I’m going to use my NEW snow blower.  YAY!!!

5) Couch time – Gotta have my couch time with the pooch.  On the go all day / weekend and then collapse on the couch with the sweetest dog to walk the earth (BTW… that’s a totally objective description of her).  I think this is my favorite part of the day.  Nothing like zoning out to TV with a warm dog laying across your lap.

Oh boy… I cannot wait!


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